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Maple Resourcing


IPE Capital prides itself with the network that it has built in time, but more so we are confident of our ability to successfully invest in opportunities that our competitors often overlook. IPE capital has investment managers that analyse deals using our investment model that has given us a reputation for success.


Our investment model outlines the following key questions- have we worked in this sector before? How do we generate revenue? Who do we know that can deliver this project for us successfully? When will we receive return on our investments? Will our portfolio sustainably support this investment, taking into account the market conditions? How will this affect the stakeholders? If you feel you can justify these questions why not submit your business plan......

We are an organisation that is driven to succeed in all our pipelines and we do so by recognising that to achieve returns from our investments we have to look beyond just cost, as to truly receive long term value we need to create a management model that perfectly fits in with the bespoke investments requirement.