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Maple Resourcing

Maple Resourcing

Maple Resourcing is specialist Recruitment and Consultancy Company providing resourcing solutions to the Rail, Infrastructure, Construction and Engineering Sectors.

Recent Recruitment projects of IPE Capital


IPE Capital has celebrated its expansion of its recruitment portfolio in sectors such as Construction, Consultancy, Finance and IT in 2011. We pride ourselves on our experienced management teams that are dedicated to provide five star services to our clients.


Our success has aided to develop a business model that provides very hands-on delivery, with the flair of strategic entrepreneurship. We are therefore able to help businesses at an early to mature stage businesses in a unique manner that will sustainably become profitable.

IPE Capital's ethos runs deep within the roots of all of our recruitment businesses, we aim to maximise value with the aid of 'output thinking', this processes enables us to identify the best mechanism to apply to a product or service to facilitate long term sustainable growth. Within our investments circles we have demonstrated that the business model defines recurring returns and a high quality service.